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Signing online petitions and pledges are a good start, but more action must be taken.

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Pledging to register as a Muslim if the government forces through a registry or signing online petitions protesting Planned Parenthood defunding is a good thing to show you stand with others, but that should only be the first step in the fight to protect our rights as US citizens and human beings.

The next step to take is to find out who your representatives in Congress are and then start hammering them with phone calls, emails and actual physical letters on a daily basis. We NEED to have our voices heard and congress critters only pay attention to direct contact from their constituents.

Here is a list of some sites that will help. VoteSpotters will show how your congress critter voted on something and you can let them know what you think of their vote via email or calling. Countable shows all the up coming issues and bills. Again you can email or call. The 65 has sample scripts to hel…

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