Slowly getting better

My energy levels are still pretty tanked and I could use about 26-28 hours of sleep a night, but at least I am not trying to fall down every time I get up. I was right about changing my mind about dinner on Friday night, I was toast by the time I got off work, so hubby pan fried me a steak and I noshed on snackie stuff we got at the dollar store.

We hit Lewiston on Saturday, tho we didn't get down there until after 4pm. Hubby had a quick stop at a client's that turned into 2 and a half hours. Luckily it was a hotel and I sat in the lobby drinking tea and watched what there was of the Saturday Bristol race.

Hit Costco first thing and got lunch. I was able to eat most of two pieces of pizza, hubby had to finish what was left of my 2nd piece. I swear Costco has the best pizza around.

So we wandered thru Costco and picked up a few things, mostly cheese and supplements I am almost out of. Then we headed back to Lewiston and up the hill to the Canned Goods outlet, where I scored on a few things. Picked up a couple of rounds of brie for $3 each, some prosciutto for $3 and a couple packaged of rooibos tea. This is the red bush tea that the main character in the Ladies #1 Detective Agency books drinks. Quite tasty. We have got to shop there more often, if only for the cheeses.

Got home sometime after 7, we'd hit Safeway in Lewiston and picked up a few more groceries so we could get the 20 cents a gal discount for gas and gassed up fro $3.09 a gal. Gas is getting pretty high. Gas at Costco was the same as in Lewiston, which is generally not the case. Hit Winco once back and picked up the last of what we needed, spinach, crimini mushrooms and soda.

I sliced the criminis and sauteed them, then added some of the prosciutto and then the spinach and we had wraps for dinner. Last night I sliced the last of one roast we'd been working on and cooked those up in a skillet with some sweet onions and fajita seasoning. I added a few handfuls of the baby spinach we'd gotten on Sat and had wraps again. Quite yummy.

Yesterday I processed the chicken and the other two roasts and they are in the deep freeze. I didn't have the energy to do the burger we picked up at Safeway, hopefully I can get that made into whatever in the next couple of days. I don't think tonight, my energy is tanking again.

Did cheese and flour tortillas for lunch, my tummy hates me. I've got a corned beef in the crock pot, I'll add some pre-cooked potatoes I have in the deep freeze when I get home. No cabbage, we don't like cooked cabbage. I still have some spinach, so may make a salad to so with it.

Finish processing all the photos I did for my client, just have to burn the one set onto a CD and get that delivered. Have to resize the one set so they have a couple of options, with one set being ready to post on a website.