December 1, 2020

That will be the first day of my retirement.

I never imagined I would even have the possibility to retire, short of winning the mega millions in the lottery (and since I rarely buy tickets the chances of that are a wee bit low LOL!). But thanks to the accident settlements, I can now start planning.

After paying off the medical bills we were able to pay off the mortgage on the mobile, the loan on the car, a couple personal loans and a few other outstanding debts. Hubby is also on a different medical insurance so I no longer have to cover him on mine. That is a HUGE savings right there, plus his medications costs just got real cheap. So all that money can now get stashed away into savings and I can look forward to not working after I turn 59 WOO HOOO!!!!

While we have the extra we are getting some much needed work done on the mobile. A friend is fixing the skirting and built us a nice solid back porch/steps so we can use the backdoor safely.

School has started back up again, so I am back to a 5 day schedule. I do miss my Fridays off. I am starting to short time it with planning and thinking what retirement will be like. Since I will be retiring in December I plan on just sleeping the entire month LOL!

My garden is going okay. Tomatoes are starting to produce, tho not many. Probably won't get my raised flower bed in this year, tho I will try. I want to get bulbs planted for spring so I will have flowers coming up as soon as winter starts to go away. Still need to dig up the bittersweet nightshade and move it around to the front.

Working on coaxing the birds to my porch. I put the bird feeder out behind the sheds and it is being used. Have to refill it this week. Had a finch fly onto the porch for a moment, so I know they are in the area, just need to add more feeders. Maybe a couple little houses for them to take shelter in. Wouldn't mind having a family move in and raise little ones.

Now to really lay down plans for my garden and stuff.