Today is the official start of my summer. I am taking my 1st Friday off for a summer of 3 day weekends. The weather is cooperating, sun is out (tho there are some big clouds moving thru) and I have the house open.

Our friend mowed our lawn yesterday and this morning I went out with an instrument of destruction and committed thistlecide:

A really nice 1 gallon pump sprayer loaded with vinegar, Epsom salt, and dish soap. Sprayed on the thistle in the morning and then let the sun take over:

I got quite a few of them this morning. Still have to go thru and kill some more, but my back started to go. Need to pull my little garden scoot out of the shed and then I can scoot around the lawn and spray the rest.

I am starting to make the outside of the house mine. I rolled one of the tires I'd painted when I lived in the old place out front, lined it with cardboard, dumped in the soil from the tomato planters I'd done when we first moved in and then topped up with potting soil. My friend Tina had brought me some white sage she'd dug up from my old place, so I planted that in the tire, then sprinkled marigold seeds. Should be really pretty once the marigolds come up against the sage.

I will be adding more around the dish, both stacked and single level. I am hoping to pick up some native plants tomorrow I will plant in them at a couple plant sales happening.

I will be transplanting that bitter nightshade from out behind the big shed to a spot just beyond the satellite dish.  Planning on bending and weaving it onto itself to make a little shelter for critters to have some shade.

Finished transplanting my tomatoes  into their own pots, they were getting pretty big and crowded in the starters:

I've quite a few milk crates and some garden fabric, so will start getting those ready so when we are safe from frost I can get them all in their final homes and outside. SOOOOO looking forward to having fresh tomatoes this year.

Speaking of fresh, I made a batch of skyr yogurt last night. Currently straining in a milk nut sack to take out the whey. This batch will become cheese that I will use to make a chocolate cheesecake. Last cheesecake was delish and I can't wait to make another. I will make another batch tonight that will be plain skyr yogurt for the week. I am loving taking it to have for lunch at work.

FINALLY got a new deep freeze. a 13.8 cu ft to replace the one that died last fall. Currently just have chicken carcasses and stock in it. Will start filling it with more food once I start buying in bulk again. So nice to have.