Spring has definitely sprung

Especially if you consider the weather we had on Sunday. Rain, snow, sleet, hail, grapple, and sunshine all in the space of an hour or two.

So glad I got my gutters for my salad greens installed on Saturday before the weather hit:

Planted an Italian salad blend, mesclun blend and spinach. Bit later in the spring I will make some short gutter planters to go on either side of my greens so I can get my kitchen herbs going.

When my tomatoes and peppers are ready to go outside I will put the planters under the greens. But before that I will be taking the pickets off the bottom of the deck. I will replace them with the white plastic trellis I salvaged from our old place. I will also go in underneath with some garden fabric to lay down in hopes I can kill off some of the thistle that insists on growing under there. Haven't decided if I am going to go nuclear on them, since the kitties hang out under there and last thing I wants is them getting poisoned. Hoping the fabric and maybe gravel on top will do the trick.

Eventually I will be repainting the deck and mobile. I have a color scheme in mind: brick, sage green, and cream. Will also sand down the deck itself. Previous owners just painted it brown and it looks a fright. Not too mention the moss starting to grown under spots where the water leaks down the side of the trailer because the flashing (if there is flashing) up top needs work. Once that is sanded I will go over it with water seal as I much prefer the natural look of the wood for the deck.

So quite a bit of outside projects for me. I am still not feeling 100% that this is home. So hoping that putting my personal touch on the outside will help. Every time I turn up our street I feel slightly out of place. Even after 2 years here I occasionally find myself on auto pilot and heading out to where we used to live.

Project Gandalf is proceeding. He is leery of me at the moment and is not sure if he wants to come close. I am trying to avoid spooking him too much by bringing him in. I am currently encouraging him to come to the food bowl and get pets while he eats. I will also pick him up, a quick cuddle and back down. Now that the weather is better we have been able to open the front door for a bit during the day. With the screen door open he can stick his head in and come in if he wants, and then back out. I do need to start getting more pictures of him. When it is nice out I will sit out on the deck.