Look who's here

Swooped Gandalf into the house last night. He wandered around a bit and then disappeared. Finally discovered he'd found a hidey hole in the bedroom closet, so we just left him there. About 3 OMG o'clock in the morning I woke up to hear him in the bathroom with Napoleon. Coaxed him close and swooped him up onto the bed for pets and scritches before he went back into his hidey hole.

This morning I dug him out and showed him there was wet food in the kitchen (Napoleon takes about two bites and wants to go outside. He usually finishes it later if Pheobe hasn't already). He took a few bites and back into his hidey hole.

Left him there while I had more coffee and then dug him out for pets, pictures and then put him by the front door to show he could go out.

He took a moment before leaving and then took his time going down the steps. Will be a while I think before we can get him to come in and be comfortable in the house. Napoleon and Phoebe are pretty cool with him. Just the occasional growl or hiss and then she ignores him and Napoleon follows him around like a little brother.

But I will be patient. Once the weather is nicer we can have the front door open and hope he comes in and out on his own. In the meantime will bring him in when I can and give him lots of love. Then it will be the great betrayal as he goes to the vet to get edited, but it will be a good thing.