Free Speech and Milo Y.

For starters, lets study this comic carefully, it explains the concept of free speech most eloquently:

So some people are boo hooing that Milo had his book contract canceled and was dis-invited to a big shindig and are claiming his free speech rights were violated. Oh get a grip! No such thing happened. He is just facing the consequences of his speech and those consequences are perfectly legal under the Constitution. These are private organizations who have told him to fribble off and go elsewhere.

Now, if the US government swooped in and arrested him for what he says and writes, then his rights to free speech are being trampled. At that point even I would stand up and protest that his rights were violated, even tho I think he is a slimy waste of DNA and waster of oxygen. Because, if we allow the government to suppress someone's free speech rights, where will they stop?

But I, like everyone else have the right to not have to listen to him. He can take a soap box and stand on a corner int he park and proclaim his beliefs and thoughts all he wants. We don't have to listen to him. We also have the right to rebut him if we think he is wrong.

If he wants his book published I am pretty sure there is a publisher out there who shares the same world views as he does and will gladly print his book (tho why he doesn't just self publish like most people are nowadays I don't know). But no publisher is obligated to publish the work of someone who they find will ruin the reputation of their company if they do so.

Likewise, no conference or group is obligated to give him a platform to speak.

I am going to make a minor language quibble here. People are calling him a pedophile because he advocates men having sex with boys as young as 13 years old. That however is wrong, a pedophile is someone who wants sex with prepubescent children, i.e. younger than 13 years old who haven't hit puberty yet. What he is advocating is pederasty, having sex with children who have reached puberty.

Yes it is a minor quibble on the use of words. Heck, I am guilty of using the wrong words for things, tho I try and correct myself when I can. But regardless, Milo is still a slimy waste of space who who hasn't had his free speech rights violated and we still have the right to tell him to attempt an airborne indecent assault at a perambulating, perforated pastry.