Serious snow and creative neighbors

This last week we noticed some neighbors down the hill were out in the snow building something igloo shaped, tho tall. Yesterday on the way home we had to stop and get pictures as they were out enjoying their snow cave:

Decorated with beer bottles, they had a nice fire going:

If you wanted to get out of the night they had a nice place to sit inside:

The best place to be is in the entrance. You get the heat from the fire and the heat reflecting back from inside. It was so nice!

If I were 20 some odd years younger I would probably build one in our yard. But alas, me doing serious stuff in the snow is not to be. Tho if I were to have several energetic young people who volunteered to build stuff out of the snow in our yard, I would be more than happy to be supervisor and provided hot beverages and lots of cookies LOL!