Dead Tree Edition Yule Tree 2016

Saturday I hauled the holiday decorations in from the shed and got started on this year's Yule tree. Decided to build the biggest one to date, so laid down a good base to start:

Did it over two days, since I was going bigger than before I wanted to make sure it would be stable (not too mention making sure Napoleon couldn't destroy it before I got it finished). Had to break out the stepladder, but I did get it pretty tall:

The final book was very appropriate I think :D

Ended up with 3 strands of lights. Didn't go as heavy on the ornaments this year:

As tempted as I was my stamina still isn't up to snuff (tho I will probably add a few more here and there over the next couple weeks LOL!). I still need to get the rest of the lights up around the house. Will be putting them in the 3 living room windows and the one over the dining room table. Finish up with some across the ceiling. Still need to put the ones up outside on the deck and see what other decorations I can put out there.