Friday, finally.........

Been a long, tiring, painful week. Weather isn't helping the arthritis pains any and the lack of decent sleep this last weekend didn't help at all. Last few nights haven't been too bad sleep wise, pain meds right before bed help quite a bit.

Do need to figure out a pain management system that is as effective and doesn't rely on prescription meds. I've a little TENS unit that helps, need to use it more often. Have to see if using it an hour before bed time will help with various aches and pains thru the night.

My turmeric plants seems to be doing well, in fact I noticed that the pot with the 3 big plants has a new sprout appearing!!! I will see about getting that little one moved to a different pot this weekend. I brought in the one big pot from outside before the last freeze, tho the plant in it probably didn't make it thru the summer. It hasn't shriveled up and died, but it didn't thrive too well either. If I don't see any improvement in it within a week or so, will dig it up to give the new little one plenty of room.

Hoping I get a decent harvest off the three big ones. Will see about starting a couple more plants from those and then make more tincture. That has been helping some.

Next going to consider growing my own ginger as that also has anti-inflammatory qualities, not too mention fresh young ginger will be great for cooking with.

My deep freezer died a horrible death a few weeks back. Didn't know it until a couple weeks ago when I went out to the shed to put something away and realized the freezer wasn't making any noise. Best hubby can figure it a line somehow got nicked and the oil leaked, causing the motor to seize up and burn out. Found oil spots on the floor when we hauled it out. Mostly lost poultry carcasses that were destined for stock to be canned this fall, but did lose some trout, a few salmon fillets and one package of round steak.

Serious bummer, going to be a long time before we can replace it. They have gotten expensive, around $400-$500 for an equivalent sized one. I originally got mine for around $200 about 30 years ago. Really screws up being able to do big batch meal prep. Oh well, here's hoping someone has a decent sized upright for not too much money on the local sale groups soon.

Being back to the pool 3 days a week is nice, I just wish I didn't have to be up so dad-blasted early. But it is nice to move and stretch and not hurt. They keep the water at a nice temp and then I sit in the hot tub for a little bit after.

Need to order another bathing suit. My two are a few stretched elastic thread shy of serious wardrobe malfunctions. Was going to order two suits from Modlily, but a lady who works out before my class had a suit she'd gotten that didn't fit right, so am buying it from her. I will be ordering this one. I had another one picked out, but it is not in stock. So it is a good thing I picked up a suit locally.