Finally got some more baking in this weekend

I had been gifted several rather large zucchini from several friends who have more than they needed (don't they always LOL!). So two weekends ago I peeled them, cut them into chunks and cored them. Then into the food processor for a quick whiz and then into quart bags for the freezer.

I pulled a couple out this weekend and decided to make a couple different zucchini-banana breads.

The first one was this recipe here. Since it was the first time I tried this, I pretty much followed the recipe, tho the eggs came from Winco and the honey probably wasn't organic. As much as I would love to buy all the good organically certified and grown foodstuffs, that ain't happening on our budget.

So I tossed everything into my Kitchenaid mixer and sprayed down a loaf pan with cooking spray and into the oven the batter went. Took about 45 minutes and out it came to cool down and then I sliced some off for dessert. Very yummy and has the hubby's seal of approval (tho I called it just banana bread, he hates zucchini).

As you can see it didn't rise much:

but it is yummy and moist and I will do it again, probably see about making it into mini-muffins.

Then I made Death by Chocolate zucchini-banana muffins. I started with this recipe and then changed it up. The original recipe didn't call for bananas and I still had a couple left. I also used whole eggs since I didn't want to mess with separating yolks and whites. I doubled the recipe and since I didn't have any of my regular gluten free AP flour, I used one cup white rice flour, one cup garbanzo bean flour and half cup tapioca flour (since it was a doubled recipe). I also cut the amount of sugar by half since the bananas gave some sweetness to it.

Sprayed a regular sized 8 count muffin tin with cooking spray and then my mini-muffin tins. Scooped the batter into them and set the timer for 40 minutes. All I could do to keep from diving in once they were out of the oven, but I restrained myself and let them cool. Was well worth the wait, they came out yummy:

I will wrap and freeze most of them when I get home tonight so I can have some stashed before hubby finds them and eats them all. Still have about 6 quarts of shredded zucchini in the freezer, need to restock my flour supplies and grab a few more bananas.