My life post accident

So it has been a month and a half since I had my life rearranged in the Costco parking lot.  We still have no idea exactly what happened with the other driver, whether he just mistook the gas for the break or had some other issues.

Still unclear also how I got tossed where I did and whose car ran over my butt (suspect it was ours), but thankfully no broken bones and the sore tail bone is slowly getting better.

First two weeks at home was lots of sleeping and bed rest when I wasn't parked in my chair with my feet up and curled up with the heating pad. Thankfully friends brought food, so we had some variety. Hubby was now in charge of the kitchen and could manage simple things. I did have lots of mashed potatoes and chicken broth.

As mentioned before, I was loaned a walker and that made life getting around the house so much better. Couldn't get it thru the door into the bedroom tho, so I relied on two canes there and thankfully Napoleon behaved himself around them (more or less).  The dizzies from the concussion were pretty much constant if I moved much or suddenly. Made trying to roll over in bed interesting.

Two days after I got home I had my first shower in a bit and was finally able to wash my hair. Very gently of course, but oh it felt so good to finally have clean hair and get most of the ick out. Did end up with some serious small clumps, not all the hair that had been cut had gotten removed thanks to blood and healing ointment.

Didn't leave the house at all for the first week and a half, even to go out on the front porch. Granted the 1st week back the weather was pretty icky, cold and rainy. The next week was nicer and hubby opened up the house and oh did that warm breeze feel good.

But Thursday of the 2nd week I was able to go to my doctor for a follow up. WEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Weak as a newborn kitten and definitely needed two sticks to get around. But the best thing was I was able to get the staples and stitch removed from my scalp. Oh that felt so good. Had blood work done and arranged to have a follow up CT scan the next morning for the kidney.

That weekend was nice, I was able to go out and sit on the deck and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air first hand.

Since then I have been working on getting my life back to normal. Started back to work a couple hours a day (over hubby's objections, but I HAD to get out of the house), but made sure I didn't exert myself there and got plenty of rest when I got home. I am now up to 4 hours a day and will stay there for a bit and then start adding more as I feel up to it.

Thankfully I have LOTS of sick leave. Used to brag I could be sick for almost 6 months with no worry. I think the Universe took that as a challenge. Thanks a lot Universe!