Managed a bit of gardening

Before the weather turned icky again. Hubby bought me this cute little garden scoot and a trowel with an extendable handle to make working in my flower garden easier:

Was able to get quite a few weeds out of the bed, tho not without a little help from a certain black kitty who decided the trowel was a toy:

Then he decided the root ball of the big clump of grass was fun to play with, making my getting it with the trowel more difficult:

But he was rather cute looking like a fierce panther in the tall grass LOL. But despite his best efforts to distract me I was able to get the big clump up and out:

It was a bear to get, but worth the effort. Was able to get a few more weeds up, but that pretty much did me in for the day and I haven't been quite up to snuff physically to get much more done since. I did get out with the hoe and decapitated a few of the taller thistle coming up in the flower bed, but wasn't up for cleaning it up. Hopefully this week the weather will cooperate enough I can get that spot cleaned up and the daylilies that need to be moved there. Has been raining enough this last weekend that they should be easy to dig out.