It's been 2 months since my life was rearranged

Two months today, whoa.

Steadily getting my life back in order. I have started working on being at work for 5 hours a day this week. Managed it Tuesday and Wednesday and with luck tomorrow. Had physiotherapy on Monday and today, so both were short days.

I can manage to get around with just one stick. My balance has gotten much better according to my physio. Still have some dizzies, but they are fading away and not too much of a bother. Mostly when I am too tired.

Getting back into my routines is taking a bit. End of day I am pretty exhausted, esp if I manage to get through the day without a nap. That happens a few days a week. Weekends I do sleep in a bit and will take a nap if my body insists on it. But last night I successfully set up the coffee maker AND set the timer for this morning LOL! Did it Monday night, but forgot to set the timer so had to start the coffee maker when I got up.

Still haven't driven our new car. I want to get out to a big parking lot to do that before getting on the road and get a little practice in so I can get the feel of the car. Until then I am doing well driving the Mountaineer to and from work. Luckily it is a short drive since moving into town (and that was a year ago. WOW!) and with the students gone the traffic isn't much.