No, your life doesn't flash before your eyes

when you realize that the large SUV pulling into the parking spot opposite yours in not slowing down, in fact it is accelerating.

What flashes thru your brain is "WHAT THE..........", then you come to face down on the ground surrounded by very nice folk who are working to stop your head bleeding and asking questions to see how you are doing.

So backing up a bit, on March 26th we had gone down to Costco in Clarkston WA to do a little shopping that needed done. I had just pulled into a nice disabled spot in front and hopped out with the door still open and had turned back to see how hubby was progressing with getting out of the car. I looked up in time to see a large, black SUV pull in opposite and realized it was suddenly coming towards us at a high rate of speed.

Now, we still have no idea what happened. As mentioned, I ended up face down at least 4 yards from where I had been standing, our car was 4 slots over against the cart corral and the other driver and car were embedded in the cart are in Costco, having gone thru the wall there. Hubby was still in the car when it came to rest, so he got to go for a ride.

Needless to say, I was a tad bit confused when I woke up. In no particular order I was asking why my toes hurt, where was my husband, where the hell the car was (it was no longer in the parking space I had left it in), what happened and where were my shoes as I could tell they were no longer on my feet. I was also trying to figure out why my blood was looking rather orange on the pavement.

It was a very surreal feeling I have to say. Everything was slightly askew and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be panicky or calm. I ended up being fairly calm. Answered questions when my brain finally clicked on them. The Clarkston EMTs were there pretty fast and I am so grateful for the off duty nurse and paramedic who happened to be in the parking lot when it happened. Having people who knew what to do be there when I woke up helped a lot.

So here I was, trying to figure out what was what and I noticed my glasses were on the ground near me, bent out of shape. I then realized my phone was still tucked into my bra where I like to keep it.  I looked at that phone and finally asked someone to give it to my hubby. I figured my deciding to tweet what was happening would probably get in the way of things, but it would have been a good way to keep my mind occupied. Ah well. Tweeting and getting emergency care wouldn't go well together.

They had to keep telling me to not move and let them do all the work. For a change I actually listened and kept still. Once they determined things were kind of okay, I was rolled over onto a backboard, put in a neck brace and head braces.  Getting lifted onto the gurney and then loaded into the ambulance was rather trippy.

They kept asking what my pain level was. Frankly, at that point I had absolutely no clue. I think my brain at that point had decided that me not knowing was a very good thing. So I told them it was a 5. May have been a lot more, but 5 sounded like a good number.

In the ambulance the work continued. They had to cut my wonderful purple jacket off. I figured I probably could repair it later (um, no. Got a good look at what was left and being cut off was the least of the damage after contact with car and pavement) and had my vitals taken, an IV put in, more questions and off to the hospital we went. Hubby was in an ambulance following.

No siren tho, kind of bummed about that.

To be Continued