Counting down to spring!

Last week of February is coming up and soon March will be here. Spring is a comin'!

Plans for gardening are starting to run rampant thru my brain. First thing will be to get the gutter planters up for greens. Will be planting spinach and salad greens. Looking at various lettuces to decide which to plant for lettuce wrap meals.

Ordered fresh turmeric root today thru Amazon. Placed the order this morning and within an hour we got notification that it had shipped! WOW!!!! Ordered a pound. Some will get planted in pots so I can start growing my own to have a fresh supply always at hand. Some will go into tinctures and the rest will be used for cooking.

Been saving 2.5 liter soda bottles and regular 2 liter bottles. So will be getting my little mini greenhouses up and running with tomato, sweet pepper, and eggplant seeds. Won't be doing as many as I had started last year before I learned we were getting kicked out of our old home. I had plenty of space available for all the seedlings I had then, this year will be pretty much container gardening until I get my raised beds built. I hope to get two done by summer and ready for late summer planting.