The end is in sight

Down to the floor and frame. Just have to finish demolishing the floor, find someone to haul off the frame and finish cleaning up.

Need to dig up the bulbs and assorted plants I am bringing home. Once the trailer is completely down I can then bring the cinder blocks from underneath to make a raised flower bed out front. Possibly a raised bed for vegetables further back in the yard if there are enough. I've still some paint in the old shed so will paint the cinder blocks with it. The same brick color the old trailer was painted with, we still have 5 gallons of that. Will be painting my tire planters the same color.

Made a dump run, both debris and household hazardous waste. Took all the e-waste into the recycle center, so that is finally gone. The new place is slowly coming together. Made some progress in organizing the kitchen. Can finally get to some of my cabinets. Still quite a bit of unpacking to finish. Need a couple more shelves up in the kitchen for assorted small appliances.

Can't wait to get my dining room chairs out of storage. My table is in place, tho still covered with things that need to get put away and surrounded by a few more boxes that need to be unpacked. As usual unpacking in a new home is taking time. Tho would have been faster if we didn't have to deal with the old place.

Ah well, the end is in sight and soon we won't have that to deal with anymore.