So I have screwed up the layout big time

Oh well, will poke at it until I get things right and the way I want them to look. In the meantime I am back (again), I hope.

The events of the last few months are finally winding down. Settling into the new house nicely. Would go faster but having to spend most weekends demolishing the old place doesn't leave a lot of time to unpack and such. That has to get done when I have time and energy.

The roof on the old place is dropped and in fact has been hauled off to the landfill as of last weekend. Here is what the place looked like after the drop:


We are now down to the floor and frame to demo. Then it is clean up and soon we will be done. Needless to say, that will be a relief.

I now have curtains in the new bedroom:



So at least some parts of my new home are looking better. Just need to finish unpacking a lot more boxes and finding places to put everything.

Life is slowing getting back to normal. I so can't wait to get there. I am too old for all this stuff. I want to just settle down and make jewelry, cook, garden, write and enjoy my job again :D