Okay, let's try this again

The move is mostly done, we are settling into our new home. Selena and Phoebe are settling down, tho Phoebe is still a bit freaked. She is still having problems with the outside not being right. But she will get used to it. Still need to cut in a kitty door so they can go in and out all they want this summer.

Weather is finally livable this week. We are getting Junes weather in July. June was hotter then heck. Luckily we got the A/C units installed in the new house and mostly survived the 100F+ temps. So glad it rained this weekend. Still haven't fixed the outside faucet, so the lawn isn't getting watered.

Hubby has been trying to get the weed whacker up and running. We've two, one left at the new house by the previous owners and one he'd gotten at a yard sale a few years back. Neither is running at all. Hopefully he can finally figure out what is wrong. I am beginning to think we have triffids out back. I am getting worried LOL!

Finally getting back into photography. Finding more and more free time. Still have the office to organize and then finish putting some more things away.

Seriously loving my dishwasher. So much easier to keep the sinks clean LOL!

More later.