In serious need of catching up here.

and figuring out what seems to be missing from my blog. I am pretty sure I've posted at least a couple more times since February, not too mention trying to figure out where a lot of the links in the left column have disappeared to.

Weird. Nothing too earth shattering if they have been eaten by the void, but it is a bit annoying as I stopped backing up on my Bravenet blog a long time ago.

I am very sure I'd written about having to move, tho not in too much depth. We've a new place, closing should be this Friday and the move starts on Saturday with me getting in to paint the small bedroom for hubby's new office and painting the kitchen. The yellow in there is hideous and has GOT to go. Going with a black and white motif.

Moving back into town, not terribly happy, but not much choice. Nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath mobile that is a bit longer than what we have now. Nice yard, close to some friends. In a mobile home park, not thrilled, but it is the nicest one in town. Also the most expensive for lot rents. But that covers garbage, water and sewage. Plus we will have curbside recycling, they are switching to single stream recycling, tho they won't be taking glass. Not too worried about that, I tend to not get glass that often and we will just be a couple blocks from the recycling center so dropping of the glass won't be a hassle.

School is winding down, finals week here this week. Weather doing pretty good, I do need to get someone to help me get the raised beds I need built for the new place built. Will put out a "HELP!!!!!!" signal to my local friends soon.

So that is it for now. Will be posting more regularly once the dust settles from the move.