WOO HO!!!!!! FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Wish the weather was nicer, back to being chilly and gray. Oh well, it is February after all, so to be expected.

Sunday is the BIG day! The Daytona 500 and NASCAR season officially starts. Looking forward to being able to watch most of it, even if the later half is on NBC. Hopefully they have learned their lesson about pulling BS stunts and have finally figured out how to properly broadcast a race. I just wish both networks didn't switch some of the races to upper tier channels we don't get since we are on basic. Oh well, I can at least watch the highlights on the web the next day.

Think I may finally found the right gluten free flour blend for making gravy. The Namaste Perfect Flour Blend seems to do it right. The mouth feel we have been missing since eliminating wheat flour is back. Made biscuits and gravy Wednesday night for dinner and NOM!!!!!!! Perfect. Have to see how well it works for cookies. The drop biscuits I made with it were the perfect pairing for the sausage gravy.

Phoebe and Selena are still sorting themselves out. I think Selena follows Phoebe sometimes and not for harassing reasons. Bed seems to be a neutral space as they will share it, usually with at least a few feet between them or a pillow. They still have their little stand offs, but they seem to not be quite a intense as they have been. SO hopefully they will settle down totally before too long.