Spring has sprung, at least for now

Actually had the front door open for a while this last weekend, it was that nice out. Not as warm as I would have liked, but the sun was out and having fresh air coming in was wonderful.

My little herb garden is coming along nicely:


Need to get some updated pics, the cilantro is coming on like crazy and I will have to start taking the top of the little greenhouse it is in during the day. It will be so nice to have fresh herbs to cook with.

Tried cooking brown rice in the slow cooker. After a bobble or two I think I have it down, so will be switching over to brown rice instead of white for just about everything. Luckily Winco sells basmati brown rice in bulk so I will have a couple different kinds to cook with. Have to see if jasmine rice comes in brown also. I will be making up big batches in the slow cooker to stash in the freezer. Having already cooked rice on hand for fried rice will be nice.

Processed 20 lbs of hamburger this last weekend. Baked about 5 lbs for pre-cooked crumbles, so making homemade hamburger helper stuff will be a long quicker. Look at having that tonight for dinner in fact.

My website Purple Ducky Designs is fully live, tho I still need to finish adding some photos to a couple of galleries. Finally settled on a theme, at least for now, that seems to work okay. Still not quite what I want, but until I figure out how to tweak the designs it will do.

Need to get back to working on my Zazzle shop, there are LOTS of new products that are begging to have my designs and photos added to them, so need to get busy, busy , busy LOL! One of the new products? Temporary tattoos, so will have fun with those:

Have been spending a lot of time on Persona Paper and have been neglecting this blog, so will be working on making sure I post here as often as there. I am starting to see some increase in my earnings there, so that is a plus. I am trying to bring in as many pennies from various places as I can. I did finally break down and set up a PayPal account, so many of the sites for writing and licensing photos use it for payments. So far so good, I activated it for my Etsy shop and the last sale was via PayPal. Was able to transfer the funds from there to my bank with no problems, so hopefully (knock on wood) things will continue to go slowly.