What I have been up to in the new year

Lots of puttering about the house, I had a 10 day vacation where I slept a lot when I wasn't puttering. Managed to do a little bit of decluttering of a drawer or two.

In my search to make the pennies rain from Heaven into my bank account I have signed up with a few sites that will (hopefully) earn some money from writing. The first site is Persona Paper, which in a growth boom thanks to an apparent melt down of the site Bubblenews and people migrating from there. If anyone is interested in signing up and using this particular platform, follow this link. It is a referral link that gives me coins for people who successfully sign up and publishes at least 1 article.

I am also checking out Wikinut and have signed up with the new social network tsū. Been having fun on tsu, tho there is some growing pains as they are only a couple of months old. Slowly making connections there and earning a few pennies a day. With these new ventures I may re-think all my blogs, at least the several I have here on Blogger. I might deactivate my review blog since I haven't been too terribly active on that and just move what content I would put there on to one of the post for pay platforms.

If you might be interested in Wikinut and want to sign up you can click thru my link here. tsū is currently invite only, so if you are interested, clith thru here and you can sign up thru my referral.