Okay, big changes happening

I am working on the new website under my Purple Ducky Domain, purple-ducky.com where I will be bringing all my various websites and places I am under one roof. So I took the URL off this blog and set up blog.purple-ducky.com as the re-direct for it. Not sure why it didn't work, I did it exactly the way I did it originally, but things got weird. I will figure it out later.

So I picked up WordPress thru my host and have been puttering along, so far so good, tho there are some hiccups here and there that I am trying to work out. One being I had added a plugin that doesn't work with my version of WordPress and now when I attempt to delete it it disappears all the stuff on my pages. GRRRRRRR!

Fairly decent weekend, did a couple nights coyote watch up the hill at the neighbor's house. The 'yotes are coming in too close to the house and scaring them. So the plan is to make lots of noise with a rifle to convince them they don't want to come too close for fear of something worse than just noise. So far it was fairly quiet both nights with the 'yotes taking off as soon as I got up there.

Did some semi-serious shopping yesterday, stocked up on chicken parts for a really good price. Got lots of meal sized packages in the freezer. Also made a big slow cooker full of rice. I will mix that with riced cauliflower for some meals. Figured out how to make gluten free hamburger helper type meals from scratch, so much easier, cheaper and healthier than the boxed stuff. Tonite I will be doing potato stroganoff with the dehydrated potato slices I picked up.

Kitties are doing fine, they are enjoying the nicer weather, tho Rum Tum is seriously disappointed in the lack of snow this year. Oh well, he will live.

Been busy at Persona Paper, connecting with lots of folks. Check out my writings here.