Ticking along

So Friday night I was gifted with a bag of "they have to be used NOW!" potatoes from my next door neighbor. Just the right amount needed for turkey day mashed potatoes. So go those cooked up and made and in the freezer on Saturday. Also made pumpkin pies and baked yams on Saturday.

Sunday I discovered I have plenty of GF bread bits and pieces I didn't have to bake any for the mushroom and leek bread pudding I am making for my dressing side dish. So I baked up a double batch of GF dinner rolls and they almost didn't make it to the freezer. They were so yummy fresh and warm out of the oven with some butter. Looking forward to them with butter, turkey and gravy on them.

Got most of the kitchen in order, still have a couple clutter spots (the kitchen table for one) to clear and figure out where things like my vacuum sealer are going to get stored since I lost my shelving space. I will leave it out for now to vac seal turkey leftovers this weekend. We'd picked up a 10 lb chub of ground beef when we went turkey hunting on Saturday (bagged an almost 24# bird, hubby is happy), so 3 lbs of it got turned into burger patties and stashed in the freezer. the other 6 pounds got packaged and vac sealed for long term storage for meals next month.

I am liking the 2nd fridge. One, it is nice to not have to crawl on my hands and knees to see what are at the back of the bottom shelves. I will use the old fridge for longer term storage of things like refrigerator pickles and onions and such that hubby likes. I will look at putting some up this next month so he can have yummy extras with his lunches.

Mom arrives in town today, my aunt will be coming down in a day or two. It will be nice to see them.