Rolling along

My cookbook is now offered on several sites. Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and a few other places along with Smashwords. Sales are going slowly, but hopefully will pick up soon.

My first article for Home&Harvest Magazine has been submitted, along with pictures and a recipe from my cookbook. Issue is due to hit the racks in a few weeks! The article is beginner geocaching on the Palouse. Second article for the December issue is about 2/3 written. Planning on future articles using geocaching as a way to find the little hidden gems around the Palouse most people who live here forget about.

Got my paperwork for Winter Market, I only got a table for one of the days I wanted, so will be at the 1912 Center on November 8, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Have to dig up the paperwork for another venue and get that off ASAP so I can have a table there.

Ordered cufflink blanks, so will be making several sets of cufflink/tie pin sets with keys off the keyboards I have stripped down. Have some really cool small heat sinks that will make nice cufflinks also. Letting a few of my listings on my Etsy shop expire for a while, at least until after the Winter Market so if I sell any of those there it will be easier to delete the listings without panicking LOL. I can always re-list them later. Do have to see about getting the new stuff listed soon.

Having fun exploring more ways to use GIMP for my photos:

I have these and several more available thru my deviantART account.