Monday, Monday

Thankfully a nice sunny day today. Wore my purple sparklie shirt just to make things even better. Sparklies make everything better LOL!

A nice weekend. Got the van cleaned out and one of the back seats reinstalled. Cleaned up a goodly portion of the deck in anticipation of moving the little deep freeze out there when the 2nd fridge arrives (was supposed to be a 2nd deep freezer, but things happened so will be getting a larger fridge, a double sided one).

Got our neighbor D to help with all the heavy lifting, esp as we also took the AC units out of windows and got those stashed in the shed. So part way there on the winterization of the house. Supposed to be a mild winter, which will be good on our electric bills, not so good for water next summer if there isn't a decent snowpack this year.

Still playing with GIMP for photos on my deviantART:

Will see about offering some of these thru my Etsy photography shop as downloadables for prints and as computer wallpaper.