2 more days to Palouse Pride, time to finish getting ready.

We are in a few days of cool down, in the 80s, so will take advantage of it tomorrow to prep things for hot weather meals. Went shopping last night, picked up broccoli and cauliflower and other veg for broccoli salad. Going to hard cook some eggs, make some pate choux and use the grill to cook up a ton of meat. Picked up a big fresh pork roast and more chicken breasts. I've still some chicken thighs and a whole fryer I will cook up also. I'll slice and dice everything and package it for the freezer so it will be easy to grab and thaw for meals.

Will make a ton of rice to stash in the freezer, found a way to cook it in the slow cooker so will use the 6 qt cooker. I will then pack in gallon freezer bags, flatten them and then they will stack in the deep freeze nicely. Will be good to have on hand for last minute fried rice.