Where did July go???????

Summer is rushing by. Two weeks until Palouse Pride, so will be gearing up for my booth there. An online friend gave me some display and table layout ideas. Hubby will be helping me make the display stands.

Sold a tie tackthru my Etsy shop yesterday, posted it in the mail this morning, so it is winging its way to Tennessee as we speak!

Added some new designs and products to my Zazzle shop:

Two moons throw
Two moons throw by JeanC_PurpleDucky
See more Moon Throw Blankets at zazzle.com

Zazzle has added lots of new products, so I will slowly be adding my designs and photos to those and getting them into my shops.

Set up an account on Snapwire in hopes of more exposure for my photos and with luck sell some images.

Weekend was fine, got REALLY hot yesterday and today and tomorrow is going to be more of the same. Again I am thankful for air conditioning, otherwise we'd melt into puddles and not do very good. My tomatoes are loving the hot weather, I just wish they would start producing.

Weeded one of my bookcases on Saturday, so now I have two grocery bags of cookbook and gardening books to go to the Hope Center when I run by there next. I also went thru most of my bedding. Saved a couple queen sets for the air mattresses when we have house guests and sorted the rest between Hope Center and the animal shelter.