Thought I was going to die on Friday. The smoke from the fires in Washington made their way into our area and even tho it was breezy out, I was reminded painfully I am in one of the sensitive groups that need to be careful of the conditions. Ended up wearing a disposable filter mask just around the house since breathing started to get hard to do and was a bit painful.

Luckily the weather got better on Sunday in that it rained, so the air locally cleared and since it cooled down and rained elsewhere in the region, gave the fire fighters a bit of a break. Esp when the winds calmed down.

Been seeing the pictures out of Washington, YIKES! Luckily a number of aid groups are on hand to help people out, there are lots of people donating money and goods for the people who lost their homes and the Washington National Guard was on hand to help with the bigger fires.

In my quest to make extra money, I am currently putting together a gluten free cookbook with recipes I have come up with and adapted from my favorites. I will be selling it as an ebook and so far have about 18 recipes. I will be illustrating it with the pictures I have taken of the various recipes and will write a little bit about going gluten free and adding any tips and tricks I have discovered along the way. Not sure when it will be ready for publication, but I will let people know when it is available. I just now have to actually formalize a lot of my recipes. I tend to wing them most of the time now.