Well, not quite, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad for air conditioning. Been a wee bit hot here lately. My tomatoes are loving it, I swear most of them are growing a good 6 inches every day. Now they just need to start producing 'maters and I will be very happy.

We will be having a cool down this weekend, so I can get a lot more puttering in and out of the house. Did commit yellowjacketcide last night, they had several nests at the front of the house over the steps onto the porch. Committed thistlecide this morning. A fair sized patch next to the road in front of the lawn. Poured quite a bit of vinegar on them and the heat today should finish them off.

We are glad we snow coated the roof last year, that has helped to keep the temps inside down a bit. Usually inside and outside matchup at some point, but it is usually staying 5-10 degrees cooler inside this year. Giving serious thought of painting the whole trailer with snow coat hehehehehe!