Last day of June already!?!?!?!?!

Ah well, gotta get used to summers zipping by faster and faster. They used to be long, long days when I was a kid.

Puttered a bit this weekend. Cleared two drawers and winnowed my boxes o'stuff down quite a bit. The boxes that used to be under the bed are now in the office closet for storage. Still have to rotate tchotkes on the shelves in the living room. Will be putting my dolls from around the world up for a few months. Then my horse collection.

Tossed some dried pinto beans in the slow cooker Sat night. Since they were going to be slow cooked, didn't do a pre-soak. Just sorted and rinsed them. Added some dried onion and a small dried jalapeno and turned it on low. Sunday afternoon I pressure canned 4 qts of beans. I hope they came out okay. Only one "pinged" right away, I couldn't hang out as long as I would have liked to see if the other ones did also. The other 3 spent quite a bit of time still boiling once I pulled them out of the canner.

Problem I had was the timer somehow got turned off when I started the timed portion of the canning process. I know it was at least a half hour or more when I discovered the problem (we were more than half way thru Murder on the Orient Express with David Suchet), so I set the time for an hour and then took my time turning things off.

So fingers crossed.

Saturday we made stuffed burgers. Chopped up some bacon and added that to the beef and then stuffed them with cheese and mushrooms. Cooked up enough for 3 more meals. Just have to pull them from the freezer and re-heat in the microwave. Definitely working towards better meal planning again.