Catching up

So, Spring is around the corner and none too soon. I am SERIOUSLY tired of winter and our weather here wasn't as bad as it was in other places.

Decided to let my Pro Flickr account lapse, let it go back to the free version and just use it for my everyday photos and switch to 500px to host my better photos. It is more geared towards the semi and pro photographer and has a pretty decent market to sell prints or downloads of photos. Besides, Yahooey is starting to piss a lot of people off with all the crap they have been pulling and I don't want to be part of it more than I have to.

I've my photos back from the PWA show down in Lewiston. No sales, but there was interest. Will see about printing some of them out in larger sizes than 8X10. I am offering a number of photos thru my Square Market site.

Need to work on some pieces for the upcoming Moscowrade event. PWA is going to be displaying recycled art and I need to get some more mobiles and something to hang them off of.

I do need to get back out and about getting some pictures. This weekend is supposed to be nice, tho a bit chilly. Have to see about going out for a drive and maybe get some geocaching in while we are at it.