So the winds started this last weekend and needless to say, I want to live in a hobbit hole so I can sleep when it is windy out. Problem with living in a tin box is when the wind blows, you know it. When the wind REALLY blows you spend most of the night awake listening to it hammer on the bedroom wall (winds from the west and of course that is where our bedroom is) and hope the wall doesn't buckle in or the whole place falls off what ever foundation you've got.

Outside of that, a pretty decent weekend. Had a print of Phoebe made at Costco and picked it up on Saturday. Still need to get some mat kits and that will be ready to go into the "Reigning Cats & Dogs" art show at the 1912 Center in February. I'll be also entering a pic of Scrapper.

Mostly puttered this weekend. Put away most of the holiday sparklies, so the living room looks a little blah. Keeping a bunch of the lights up for the time being tho, so we have sparklie lights.

Set up a Facebook page and a twitter for hubbys business so we can get him more exposure.

Students have returned and school started yesterday. That , on top of the new library computer system has amped my stress levels quite a bit. I love me my wine and vodka LOL!

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend, need those 3 days to decompress from this week.