Thanksgiving 2013

So I had no disasters this year, only a couple little oopses and probably can't count those. But nothing going wrong is still making me very, very nervous, I am expecting TEOTWAWKI any minute now.

I guess I finally got all the timing down for putting dinner on the table after all these year (knock on wood!).

So, stuffed the bird with onions, apple, lemon, rosemary, sage and thyme and shot it up with my homemade mead. Had it in the oven with 10 minutes to spare (I was aiming at it going in at noon). Thawing it in the electric Coleman cooler was a very good idea (as is using it for leftovers this week).

Our friend came over with his Xbox 360 and we played Diablo III until my mom and aunt came over. I'd set up a noshing station on the buffet of carrots, cheese, smoked sausage, celery, cracker, olives and roasted garlic butter parmesan mushrooms.

Turkey was actually ready a half hour before I'd planned, but that was not a disaster, just moved turkey time up a bit. Made gravy while the bird cooked and had the big crock pot filled with regular bread dressing:

Thanksgiving 2013

Set up dinner buffet style:

Thanksgiving 2013

Left to right: onion stuffed onions, dressing, green beans, GF rolls, turkey, gravy (GF of course), brandy spiked yam puree and cheesy-creamy potatoes.

Add some cranberry jelly out of the can and BLORP!

Thanksgiving 2013

Everything came out perfectly. I used brandy in the sweet potatoes/yams as I didn't have any bourbon, still yummy. The leftovers are going to make killer sweet  potato pancakes.

Almost a disaster on the rolls. Required a sweet rice flour that I could only get at the Asian market or the Co-op. Asian market wasn't open the 3 times I went by and the Co-op was sold out. Hubby finally called the market and she was open. So I bought 3 bags of the sweet rice flout to make sure I always have some on hand. The rolls were a hit with everyone.

The carrot cake came out wonderfully, as did the pumpkin pie with coconut flour crust. Can't wait to try that crust with a coconut cream pie. I have a pumpkin pie along with 2 ramekins of pie filling in the freezer for later in the year. I need to see about getting a couple deep dish pie plates, I only have regular so always have leftover pie filling.

So lots of leftovers were in the offing and I can't wait to get the carcass into the stock pot for fresh turkey stock for the next several months.

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