WHEEEE!!!!! The Holiday Season is upon us!!!!!!

Turkey Day first and am in full prep mode. The bird is thawing in the electric cooler, the two potato side dishes are in the deep freeze and tomorrow is baking day. Hubby has requested carrot cake, so will be doing that and also prepping two pumpkin pies with GF coconut crust (scored some coconut flour at Winco the other day).

Won't be stuffing the bird this year. While I have been happy witht eh GF stuffings, I have been HAPPY! So will stuff the bird with fresh herbs, onion and lemon. Season under the breast skin and shoot up with wine, mead or juice (leaning towards mead this year as I have homemade).

Other side dishes will be regular bread dressing in the slow cooker, gluten free rolls and onion stuffed onions. Will prep the onions and rolls Wednesday night and that just leaves the bird and dressing for Thursday, along with the gravy. Will be doing some steamed veg and cranberry sauce out of the can with the ridges intact LOL!

Mom arrived into town last night, we met her at the airport and made sure she got her rental car okay. Aunt Peg will be arriving from SPokane by Wheatland Express later this afternoon. I have a simple dinner planned, pork, steamed veg and rice.

Finished weatherizing the windows last weekend. Used bubble wrap and plastic, which means this year I can put Christmas lights in the kitchen windows. The lights shining thru the bubble wrap should be quite pretty. Have a plan for decorating the one kitchen window with the storm window on it so it won't be left out. Yule/Christmas decorating commences Friday and not a day earlier!!!!!!! Same with Christmas music (tho I have been listening to Hanukkah music on Pandora as it starts on Thursday along with Thanksgiving. I will have to admit, the dreidel song with a Reggae beat is really, really cool LOL), none of that starts until AFTER Thanksgiving. So have been having a really fun time (NOT!) of ignoring it in the stores and on the telly.

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