Catch up

Time to play catch-up LOL! Tried to give blood today, but my veins were being snotty and the glow slowed down and when they went to adjust the needle to get it going again, my blood started clotting up like crazy :( So not enough donated to be really useful except for calibrating machines, maybe.

Ah well, next time.

Had a lovely day this last Sat at the Winter Market, sold enough to pay for my table that day, on Dec 14 and a little on top of that.Lots of interest, so with luck I will do even better next time around.

Here is my table:

Winter Market

I was in the main room and a straight shot from the one door:

Winter Market

The view from my side:

Winter market

My brooches/pins made from CPUs and heat sinks were very popular and I also sold one pair of wire wrapped capacitor earrings.

Chatted with lots of people and I didn't make too much of an idiot of myself (talking to strangers is very difficult for me) and moved a few business cards.

Been gathering stuff up and getting it to the Hope Center. We have a lot more room in the one cupboard of glassware. I can move some coffee cups up there and out of the other cupboards to give me more room in those.
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