So, been puttering along the last couple weeks. Finally have to admit to myself I am no longer young and immortal and I really should stop trying to do things like go to work when I haven't fully recovered. I'm STILL re-couping from that cold, tho it is now just a very annoying cough. Going back to work that Wed was a very bad idea, ended up home again on Thursday.

Ah well, with luck I should be able to dodge whatever germs the students still have on hand to infect the rest of campus with the rest of the semester.

So we've been mostly not doing much at all on the weekends, just puttering and watching a lot of Netflix and Hulu+, tho we may look at ditching Hulu as their interface sucks and the vast majority of the mini commercials they show are of Alec Baldwin and we are SOOOO sick of him that even hitting mute doesn't help. I will, however, have hubby hold off on dumping Hulu until after we finish Ellery Queen LOL!

So fall is here and the weather is wet, at least this morning. Luckily we have the roof snow coated, so that should not be a worry this year. I am hoping a solution to the busted switch on my crock pot is found soon. My little 3 qt is fine, but it is soup and stew season and I need my 6 qt back up and running if I am going to get the freezers stocked up with meals this fall. I think I will start looking at what a new one will run, just in case.

Made some soup Sunday for dinner, still have some left for lunch tomorrow. Been pinning recipes onto my Pinterest of some really nice crockpot meals so I can look at them next few weeks. Have to finish inventorying the freezers, I am pretty sure I have some odd pieces of chicken that I can at least turn into stock for soups.

Getting cold enough it is time to put the ACs away and start shutting the back window at night. Rum Tum won't be happy, but I will like not waking up in the wee hours of the morning of him announcing he brought home breakfast. Esp since this morning breakfast squeaked for quite a while before Rummers finally settled down to munching, SIGH!