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Had my last Friday off, going to miss my 3 day weekends, but the students are back to it is back to the 5 day work week.

Had a lovely weekend, my mom and aunt came over. I grilled dinner on Friday, steak and portabello mushrooms. My aunt's favorites. Sides were salad and steamed broccoli.

Up early on Sat as it was girl's day out at Camp 4 Echoes 75th birthday. I went there in 1976 and '77. I seem to remember the big lawn being much bigger LOL! But we had a very enjoyable day:



Me and mom:


Inside the new lodge:

C4E 04

C4E 07


C4E 05


C4E 06

Lunch (I skipped the sandwich as I didn't want to waste the bread since I couldn't eat it):

C4E 08

Gathering for the group pic:




And out and about:





I attempted to hike out to Smuggler's Cove, the unit I stayed in, but I had over estimated how able I was to go the trail way, not too mention my body telling me very forcefully that I had donated blood the day before and I wasn't suppose to be doing too much strenuous stuff for a day or two. Getting woozy on a steep trail is not a terribly good idea.

So I turned into the unit I was just passing and sat and listened to the wind in the trees and the birds. The platform tents are long gone (tho there is one still standing at Smugs, I'd hope to get a pic), but the cabins they have now are pretty nice. It was nice to sit and remember all the fun I had there 30 some odd years ago. Have to see if I still have any pics from way back then and get them scanned in.

We headed back to Moscow a bit after 3, had a nice drive back. I drove and mom and my aunt had quick little naps. Once home I laid down for a while as I needed to rest up for Sat night.

BILL COSBY!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby had gotten tickets from a friend who couldn't go. He hadn't seen Bill live before and I saw him once in the 90s. He may be older, but he is still as funny and brilliant as ever. I damned near died several times laughing so hard I stopped breathing. Thought I was going to have to have hubby get an EMT and oxygen at one point. But I managed to survive. Sore ribs, sore throat and a slight headache from laughing so much, but it was all worth it.

Needless to say, Sunday was serious down time. Hubby made french toast for our breakfast and dinner was biscuits and gravy.

Had the dentist this morning, sailed thru that fine. Teeth and all are stable, so I am good to go for 3 more months. Still need to get a couple crowns, but have to do some serious saving up for that. Now if people would just start buying my jewelry and such, I could afford the crowns before the end of the year (HINT!!)


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