Monday again

Had a very nice weekend, puttered around a bit, did some shopping and stuff around the house. Tossed a pork roast inthe slow cooker on Friday morning to try out this recipe:

Slow cooker parmasian honey pork roast with mashed potatoes

YUM!!!! I did eliminate the extra salt as the soy/tamari sauce has more than enough and used my ever faithful TJ's 21 Seasoning Salute.

Breakfast for me Friday was this:

baked avocado with egg and cheese

Cut an avocado in half, scoop a bit out, crack and egg into it and top with the seasoning and cheese of your chouice and bake until the egg is set to what you like. SERIOUS YUM! The original recipe called for cayenne pepper, I used Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute. I also found that baking this in a big oven at 180F takes forever, so I incresed to about 250 and that did the job.

Saturday I decided to do something with the old tires we haven't been able to get rid of. Turned them into planters:

Raised planters from tires

I've two more tires to paint and set up. I have these currently filled with compost and will top with garden soil this weekend and plant peas.

Didn't do much else on Sat, mostly laundry.

Sunday I made scrambled mess for breakfast and tossed some chicken in the slow cooler to make this recipe:

Slow cooker chicken

Again I changed it around a bit. TJ's 21 Seasoning Salute**, bone in thighs (what I had on hand) and used Shiraz (also used more than a 1/4 cup :D ). Didn't serve with noodles or anything as I wanted to go a bit lower carb for dinner. So just salad and some corn on the side.

I also made these:

frozen chocolate peanut butter and banana bites

Slice bananas, put some peanut butter on top and top with another slice. Freeze for an hour, take out and cover with melted chocolate (I melted semi-sweet chips with coconut oil). Put back in freezer for 3 hours. Once they've frozen thru again, take off cookie sheet and store in the freezer in a container or ziplock. Totally yummy. I will slice the bananas thinner next time or possibly skip the top piece to make them not so big.

FINALLY got out for some geocaching. Just hit a couple really easy ones as hubby and I were getting used to using the geocaching programs we have on our phones. Can't wait to hit more caches.

So all in all a good weekend. Got more cleaning done and some stuff tossed. Still got a a couple closets to go thru, but that will be another weekend.

I do wish I knew why my phone keeps opening apps when I haven't even touched it tho. Getting a tad bit spooky I must say!

**I am not paid or associated with Trader Joe's in any capacity. I simply adore them and their spices LOL!
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