OW! OW! and I hate Mondays :P

So Monday morning, school is over and I am on my summer schedule which means 8-5 (too danged early to get up, but the extra hour in the evening to do things is nice) and Fridays off (YAY!!!!!!!).

It was not a quiet weekend. We finally got around to replacing the pranged left front fender on my van with one we picked up at the bone yard in Lewiston. Pics later, but suffice to say, it took two days, only a little yelling and amazingly enough, no divorce proceedings!!!!!

Sat we got everything dismantled, tho the Chilton's was abysmal as we have the Grand Voyager Special Edition and the manual doesn't cover that. Found lots of things that had to come off in order to get to the fender that were't mentioned in the book. Got too hot on Sat, so left it unassembled and got up early Sunday to finish it. Started about 8, finished about 2:30. This involved buying some new tools, bolts and whatnot and then having the neighbor help with putting the hood back on (one of the things that they didn't say had to come off, but did). But all that work took a toll on my and things hurt that I never thought could hurt.

Next step, painting it in zebra stripes!

Didn't do much by way of cooking. Sat we went to a friends for her son's graduating from kinder.... er, from college. Needless to say, she'd laid on a feast. Yesterday we went to the neighbors for their Mother's Day BBQ. After all the work we were doing on the van the last couple of days, not having to cook was a good thing.

Gato is settling in real well. Sat he got to go in and out of the house all he wanted. The other still have their noses out of joint, but they are slowly getting better.Really do need to finish replacing the back door so we can install a proper kitty door. We've the door, just need to cut it down and cut in a kitty sized hole. Maybe this next weekend.

So looking forward to Friday.