I've learned a new birdie!

Actually learned about a bird I've never seen before, esp out at Spring Valley Reservoir. We went out fishing yesterday (we scored 4 rainbow trout and 4 blue gill. 2 trout went to my neighbor and I had a VERY yummy dinner last night) and I ended up taking about 3 gigabytes of photos!!!!!!! There are a number of pairs of nesting Canada geese with their fuzzy babies on the island, so had to circle it a couple times. Still working on those photos.

But I saw this one bird I had never seen before:


It is an American Avocet (thank you people of the water birds Flickr group where I found a pic which identified said bird) and I don' thtink I have ever seen one out there before. But it is a very pretty bird:

American Avocet

American Avocet

Not to mention, flexible!

American Avocet

I am going to have to get my hands of a good bird book to take with me when I go out.