At least for me, tomorrow starts my summer of 3 day weekends.

Survived the root canal, it was so not like I was expecting based on all the horror stories I'd heard growing up. So next up is to save money for a crown.

Need to finish up a piece I am submitting for a local program looking for vehicle sticker designs. With luck Hippie Dippy Hippie will be gracing cars in the area this summer. Still have to mount the physical piece and finish prepping the digital version and get it on a CD. Everything is due tomorrow by 5 pm.

Il Gatto Zoomie discovered today what happens if he doesn't come in when we go to bed. He was NOT a happy kitten when I opened the door this morning. Don't think he was too terribly thrilled about being stuck outside all night. He was a serious cuddle bunny when he finally settled down after his breakfast.

The other kitties still aren't too happy, but they are settling in okay with him around. Once we can get the back kitty door open thing should settle for once and for all.

Hope to get out for a bit this weekend to take photos. Hubby thinks he spotted a Golden Eagle in the neighborhood. If it is, I REALLY want to get a pic.

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