Almost there

4 day weekend coming up. I hope the weather cooperates a bit, I really want to get some outside stuff done or at the very least get out and do some geocaching. Supposed to freeze tonight, so glad I don't have any plants outside I need to worry about.

My 1st 3 day weekend was nice. Got quite a bit done, including 3 new pins for my Etsy shop:

new pins

Organized my crafts bins better and started breaking down more components. Will be working on more pieces this weekend. Also added my red-wing black bird picture to more items in my Zazzle shop

Things are going well on the new kitten front. Currently his full name is Il Gatto Zoom Zoom the Other ginger kitty. He discovered yesterday that he REALLY doesn't like heavy rain LOL! He seems to be starting to figure out hunting. Saw him stalking a bug the other morning. Phoebe has pretty much settled down in his presence, as has Rum Tum. Scrapper pretty much ignores him as long as he does't get too close.

Been trying out that oil pulling technique for teeth and gums. Taking a lot of getting used to, managed to work my way up to almost 10 minutes. The trick so far is to avoid using too much coconut oil, when it is solid it is easy to use too much.

Getting more acquainted with my phone. Hubby loaded a new desktop interface on it called Atom. Quite like it and my phone is better organized for me to find thing. First screen is stuff I use ever day, 2nd screen is all my games and 3rd screen is all my news and weather apps, at least so far, things may change around a bit as i go along, but it is nice to have info at my finger tips when I am away from my computers.

Speaking of computers, hubby finally got mine updated with a newer version of Ubuntu and fixed it so I can actually do things. Seems my one hard drive was on the verge of puking, so that is where a lot of the problems I was having with it.

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