WOO HOOO!!!! New dress!

Finally was able to order a couple dresses from HolyClothing, a fantastic online clothing store with cool clothes.

I ordered two dresses, the first is the Sunita in Majolica Blue:

My new dress from HolyClothing

My new dress from HolyClothing

No pics of the 2nd dress as yet, but it is the Venus in Purple Fushia. I'd originally wanted the Sunita in the purple and the Venus in the blue, but the Sunita was sold out in that color, so I switched. They are still both gorgeous. I also can't believe how fast I got them. Ordered on Sat, they shipped from New Delhi India on Monday and I had them on my doorstep here in North Idaho yesterday.

Will definitely be ordering again, there are quite a few dresses and a couple tops on my wishlist I need to get.