Weekend was WAYYYYYYYYY too short

And we actually had spring. Still have some tho the weather is going to get not so nice by the weekend. But was able to get out and do things outside and open up the house even more. Got the magic mesh screen door up so we can have the front door open (to the delight of the kitties) without being attacked by the early mosquitoes.

Baked a ham on Sunday, Winco had shanks on for 89 cents a pound, so scored two. One for Sunday and the other in the deep freeze. Also tried out a new recipe, it is for Oatmeal Cranberry Nut Breakfast Cake (Gluten Free), except I didn't have any dried cranberrys and don't like nuts in things like this

Banana oatmeal cake

Banana oatmeal cake

So I simply left those out and went with what I had on hand. I didn't have enough brown sugar, so I subbed some honey for what I was short and decided to try out the coconut oil I bought.

OH MY!!!!!! The flavor is to die for and I can't wait to see what else I can do with this recipe (definitely going to get dried cranberrys tho as I love them). This is perfect for bringing for a mid-morning snack since I don't eat breakfast and have been having low blood sugar issues of late. Going to see about wrapping up individual pieces to freeze and grab and see how that will work. Then I can bake up several and have yummies in the freezer at the ready.

Brought some ham today and had toasted ham and cheese sammies for lunch. I store my GF bread in the freezer and grab what I need for lunch. It is nicely thawed by the time lunch rolls around and not the least bit soggy.

Business is ticking along. Got a Reddit account and am trying that out to see if I can get more traffic to my shops. So far it seems to do pretty well, lots of hits to the one jewelry link I posted and both the t-shirts I posted are still on the front page, tho I imagine that won't be for too much longer. But every little bit helps for promotion.

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