Not a whole heck of a lot done this weekend

Then again, when one is feeling crappy, running a lovely temp of above 100F and one's cheek is swollen it is not too surprising.

Not sure what happened. My broken tooth (broke several weeks back, no big deal) was giving me a little grief late Thursday, then my sinuses kicked in on Friday and to top it all off Scrapper caught me under my left eye (thank goodness for glasses) with his claws and I woke up the next morning feeling REALLY crappy with a swollen left cheek.

So it was lots of ibuprofen, hot compresses, cloves and sleep most of the weekend. Did pop out for a bit on Saturday when I was feeling a bit better and the swelling was going down. Dropped some recycling off, dropped a few things off at the Hope Center and picked up some small lamps and a power bar to use for photography, then home and a nap.

FINALLY got a smart phone. 3rd or 4th time the charm. We switched to Sprint on Friday, they had a great deal for credit union members that pretty much paid for both our phones. Got a LG Optimus with a 13 megapixel camera. NICE!

Rum Tum

Come with cool effects when you upload the pics. So will have some fun with it.

I can also run credit cards for Purple Ducky Designs for direct sales locally. I won't have to borrow hubby's phone to do so. So between the new camera, my phone, an official bank account for my business I am really set to do LOTS more!

So outside of that, spent most of the time resting. Fever broke in the wee hours of Sunday morning so was feeling much better. Went to my Palouse Women Artist meeting and had an enjoyable time showing off my sites to others with my new phone. We'd tried to get a tablet originally a couple weeks back, but it wouldn't run Square as it had no out going jack. So that was when hubby pushed for me getting a smart phone. So now we are on Sprint as I may have mentioned previously LOL!

Still haven't viewed the DVD for my new camera, hubby needs to upgrade my Linux to a newer platform as this one is out of date and I am having trouble running a few thing (like the DVD player). I think I have it all backed up, just need to have him find a time to do it. Soon I hope since there is a local call for artists that has the winning entry getting $100 and I need to get the design I have in mind for it done ASAP so I have time to get everything I need for submitting it ready.

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