Le flippin' BRRRR!!!!!!!

Last day of April and I had to have my electric blanket on last night!


Sigh, spring on the Palouse, you either freeze or roast. Been off and on snowing, raining or sunny today.

So, as mentioned in previous posts, I am now fully integrated into the 21st Century with my very own smart phone:

New phone

Slowly getting the hang of it, I do have custom ringtones loaded (Phineas & Ferb LOL!), but still have to assign them to various people and functions. I am finding it quite handy for when I don't have either of my cameras handy:

lucky bamboo

It is cool I can upload the pics with a filter to make it look neat, tho it isn't any sub for GIMP and the pics from my regular cameras. Picked up that sweet little Lucky bamboo plant at Art under the Elms in Lewiston on Saturday when we popped in. Too many wonderful things to buy, too little money *sniff!*

I have also succeeded in sending several text messages. I am however still accidently dialing people when I am working in my contacts app. Heck, I am accidently dialing people even when I'm not in any of the phone apps. That was the nice thing about my little flip phone, no accidental dialing.

I am enjoying the Kindle app. Loved the reader on my Palm, but it is nice to be able to click on a word I don't know and call up a dictionary, not too mention is is a LOT easier to get books onto my phone then it was on the Palm (have no fear, I haven't given up print books, much prefer them, but for out of print and hard to find titles, electrons do come in handy).

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