Again, weekends are too short

Did manage to get a bit done tho. My neighbor agreed to model some of my jewelry so I could get nicer pics of them on my Etsy shop:

 photo 2d5fa5f0-5455-4067-8cde-1cf9e9349f41_zps57a81842.jpg

Miss Pretty is a PERFECT model and I hope to get more photos in the future. She is so fun to work with.She also loaned me her camera, so now I have some experience with a DSLR and I can't wait to get one of my own. Just need to start selling enough jewelry to afford one.

Didn't do a whole heck of a lot this weekend, puttered about the house inside for the most part. Weather on Sat was blustery and not too bad for the photo shoot, but Sunday was a definitely stay in and straighten things up. Did pop out long enough to hit Tristate for a couple items and Winco (who now has self-checkout stations that I love. Tend to be too fast for them, but I am getting the hang of them).

Did pop out Sat morning to get my hair cut. Now the only two people allowed to cut my hair will be my sis-in-law and Gordon at Essence Salon on the Troy Rd here in Moscow. Love the cut and will see about a pic when I get the chance.

Going to be a vendor at Relay for Life this coming Friday. So hopefully I can sell some jewelry and raise a bit of money for the charity at the same time. Will lay in a supply of the bead and cat5 bangles so I have plenty of inexpensive items to sell. Will take supplies and work on jewelry and mini sun-catchers while there. Miss Pretty's hubby gave me a stack of dead lap top hard drives so will take those along to take apart and see what I can come up with.