So what have I been up to of late?

Not much, been a fairly low key last couple of weeks. Weather hasn't been too cooperative for a lot of stuff, so been mostly watching Netflix and what we have on the DVR.

Did come up with a pretty good recipe for buckwheat pancakes this weekend, very yummy:

buckwheat pancakes

Have to tweak the recipe some, but made enough to pop leftovers in the freezer so hubby can have something different for breakfast for a change. Can't wait to try other buckwheat recipes, it is quite yummy.

Have to sit down and do some serious organizing of pantry and storage space, with all the various flours and other GF ingredients I have to cook with, I am managing to misplace stuff on a regular basis. Still haven't found my baking powder and I really do need that for a lot of recipes. I need to get pots and pans out from under the counter and onto the peg board I still need to put up, the stuff on the shelves into the cabinet under the counter and then all my flours and what not up on the shelves on the wall where I can see what I have and grab them easily. Maybe something to do this weekend.

Bee a good chance to go thru and see what can go to the Hope Center and get me some more storage space.

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